Sunday, September 23, 2007


i started going to dave and buster's a bit last semester, and this semester i've gone there way too much already. i really only ever play two games there...the trivia machine and the pump it up machine. (pump it up is like dance dance revolution, but the foot pads are off diagonally from the centre, instead of up, down, left, and right--it's better that way, a lot more intuitive and comfortable.) i can't do the really hard songs yet, of course, but i'm getting to the point that i can go without missing on several of the level three songs, and do level fours without embarrassing myself.

(this is a far cry from the spring, when i was botching easy mode.)

anyway, i think my life is officially complete. i thought they only made pump it up for xbox, but they have a version for the playstation 2--which i am obviously ordering. this makes me happy. it means i can play at home without always having to go out to earth city to play it, and it means that when i do go to dave and buster's to play it, i'll be able to play it even better than i do already.

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