Saturday, September 29, 2007

illiterate? write for my free brochure.

i complain about suburbs a lot...mainly because they are generally boring.

but, the new mayor of oak lawn can have a cookie. he is pissed off that people are not stopping at stop signs. so, instead of ignoring them, he has made some of the stop signs in his town absolutely hysterical. they're patterned like this:

and, they have sixteen wonderful sayings!

• In the Naame of Love
• And Smell the Roses
• Really. You Gotta Stop.
• Right There Pilgrim
• Or We'll Hunt You Down
• Hold it Right There Buster
• Then You Can Go
• Whoa Whoa Wait a Minute
• Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop Pleeeease
• Or the Police Will Yell at You
• Not an Optional Sign
• It's Really Self-Explanatory
• Means That You Aren't Moving
• Even When No One's Looking
• Whoa
• Billion Dollar Fine

my favourite one is definitely "it's really self-explanatory." i'm all about signs that are condescending to stupid people, and i am wondering why more mayors have not tried this tactic.

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Paquito said...

But I love the idea! It's really cool (and people will for sure reduce the speed or even stop to read them :-)).

Nice post and kind regards from Spain,

Paquito's World