Wednesday, September 19, 2007

these have my stamp of approval.

and now, presenting, a novel interpretation of freedom of speech, brought to you by jonathan lee riches ©:

"2 Milli Vanilli look-alikes jumped me in the prison rec yard and stole my larynx under Carrie [Underwood]'s direct orders. A first amendment speech violation."

ummmm...that would mean that anyone who was mute had their first amendment rights taken away. although this is incorrect, it is clever and novel.


annnnnnd. FEMA. they've been in deep trouble since hurricane katrina. and now, they're in even deeper trouble...thanks to jonathan lee riches ©. thanks to FEMA:

"I got 10 feet of snow in my cell. The forecast called for sunny sky's. I was no prepared to bundle up. The FCI Williamsburg drove by me on a snowmobile."

i swear. this dude is my hero.

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