Tuesday, June 19, 2007

there are some special cases out there. i'm reading a copyright infringement case called JCW Investments v. Novelty, Inc. (289 F.Supp.2d 1023).

a company who makes a doll called "Pull My Finger Fred" is pissed off at another company for making dolls named "Fartman" and "Fartboy," dolls that look eerily like "Pull My Finger Fred."

there's something really, really funny about companies arguing about farting dolls, and about a court writing a serious opinion about farting dolls. i'm giggling like an idiot in my office.

for crying out loud, the opinion has a short history of the pull-my-finger joke! how awesome is that?!

heh-heh. pull my finger. huh-huh. fartman.


little miss risky said...

Wow. Cases like that make me miss law school.

Wait, no they don't. Miss law school? What am I saying?

nicolle said...

yeah, don't miss law school for stuff like that. :) you never read cases that shiny in law school anyway (except for maybe Unity Marine, the one in which the judge compares the pleadings to crayon drawings...). if there are funny cases, i'm sure the law bloggers will point them out--no need to suffer through law school just for that. :)