Sunday, June 17, 2007

so, the dumbest lawsuit ever got filed this week, but i haven't really had the time yet to comment upon it.

two whiny students from yale law filed a lawsuit against a bunch of people on autoadmit, a pretty-much-unmoderated and anonymous law student message board.1 i can't believe they could take so seriously what a bunch of anonymous trolls are saying about them.

it's the internet, and people need to not be stupid. sure, would it be nice if internet trolls were not posting all that flame? sure. but, it's inevitable. people will post flame, and people will post ridiculously untruthful flame about real people. the subjects of it need to get over it, and so does everyone else.

i can't honestly believe that either of them lost job opportunities, or their dignity, because of what some people said about them on an anonymous message board. people doing hiring can't be that stupid, to take comments made on a website known across the legal community to be a cesspool of anonymous sexism, racism, and everything-else-ism at face value. if you are a student at yale law school, and you didn't get any job offers, there's something else wrong with you--it's not because of the internet posts.2

and, i'm sorry, you don't have a cause of action for claiming things like "i had to take time away from school and my job to find a summer position through something other than OCI." welcome to the real world, bitch. welcome to what most law students have to do.

suing people for being boorish internet trolls is not going to stop people from being boorish internet trolls. it's not going to do anything to make the lives of these thin-skinned girls any better. it's not going to get them a job. it's not going to do anything.

the one thing i've learned about stupid, loud idiots on the internet, after thirteen years of being online? if you be quiet and ignore the trolls, they'll go away and find another target. if you give them attention, they will keep pounding away at you. clearly these two girls did not ignore the internet trolls, so they kept pounding away. the fact that they're now suing only makes them more of a target, and more of a source of ire, on the boards.

1 full disclosure: yes, i do regularly read autoadmit, and post on it. no, i'm not one of the posters named in the lawsuit.

2 one of the posters who got named in the lawsuit got named just for making a comment to the effect that it's laughable to think that one of the plaintiffs didn't get a job because of posts on a website that "no lawyer takes seriously." that's ridiculous that he got named for saying that--you shouldn't be sued for speaking the truth. in fact, several of the people who got sued didn't say anything terrible or pornographic--i think the lawyers just picked some of the H.I./B.H. threads and sued everyone who posted in them. it was so poorly organized.

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Anonymous said...

What is it about privileged Ivy Leaguers thinking they can have their own way in the courts?