Tuesday, June 26, 2007

last week, there were a bunch of articles in the tribune--they finally arrested a couple of people in connection with the leona's shooting that happened back in June of 2006...the shooting that happened at the leona's where i used to work, where the "robbers" came in through the unlocked door along Crack Dealer Alley, stole $1700, and shot the manager dead.

turns out, the alleged motive for the shooting was completely ridiculous.

they arrested a former waitress and her friend . allegedly, the former waitress was pissed off at this one manager for firing her, and got her friend to help by staging a robbery and killing the manager.

if this is actually what happened, i find that confusing. i worked at this leona's for five months. i know it was a terrible, terrible place to work. i know that the restaurant was run incompetently. i know the waitresses got treated poorly.

if a manager had fired me from that leona's, i would not have shot him. i would have thanked him for getting me out of that hellhole sooner than i otherwise would have left it on my own.

that manager did her a favour. and, she repaid him by shooting him? how ungrateful.

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