Friday, June 29, 2007

last night was awesome.

my neck is killing me, since i gave myself whiplash while headbanging again. (yes, i know. this always happens. i should just get the message, and stop headbanging...but then i get surrounded in amazing live music, and start doing it again!) my ears are still ringing just a little bit. but, it's worth it.

i got to see madina lake at the double door last night...and they rocked my socks off.

of course, they played my favourite song of theirs--really early, too. "adalia" was the second song they played. i wish they played it twice. :) they played "here i stand" twice since they were shooting some kind of video for it...that song is good, but "adalia" is better!

hopefully i'll get to see them again soon. it won't be this summer...they're touring the country with the projekt revolution tour, and that won't be back in chicago until september. hopefully they'll play st. louis this fall. i missed them when they came through st. louis last time, and that made me very sad.

although, the weirdest thing happened after the show. i was on my way out, and some drunk dude walked up to me and asked me how long i had owned my shirt. i was wearing my inept shirt--which is old-school, from 2003. i told him that. turns out, he used to be their bassist. i didn't know him...he played bass for inept for a while after i left town for law school. they're actually looking for another seems like that slot is kind of a revolving door.

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