Thursday, June 14, 2007

it's so weird being back in DC, for the first time in five years.

some of it i remember really well, some of it i don't. i was in dupont circle's a little different than i remember. i thought there were more nightspots there...although i guess most of them must be off the circle, on streets where i wasn't walking. i like dupont circle, it's one of the few places in DC where i spent a lot of time five years ago, when i lived there for a summer.

it's nice to see that kramerbooks is still there. i liked that place a lot. i need to go down there at some point this weekend, especially since my hotel is about four blocks off of dupont circle.

i need to figure out what i'm doing tomorrow. i have plans for lunch, and i have evening plans, but i need to figure out what i want to see during the day. oh well...this is kind of an on-the-fly vacation, i'm sure i'll figure it out.

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lawschoolrules said...

DuPont Circle eh? I was there wednesday night. But I had a dude from England in the car with me, and he made fun of americans for not having the ability to deal with a round-about without traffic lights. I kicked his pompus ass out fo the car.

Plus I ended up somewhere where I was not sure where I was tonight, and ended up[ on the red line and went past the DuPOnt Circle stop. Good times.

DC is just liek i remember it; if dreams count. I did not know you lived here, you have to give me some tourist tips.