Thursday, June 28, 2007

i had two amusing exchanges yesterday. one was...just plain weird, but i find it hilarious. one was...special in that mind-boggling way, if you know anything about baseball.

exchange 1.

me: i'm reading a case about a tube factory, and all i can think of is the ted stevens Series of Tubes speech. yes, i know, i'm weird.
friend: you really should stop that.
me: stop being weird? i can't do that! if you ever tell me to stop being weird again, i'm never baking you cookies again.
friend: no, not that. stop talking so much about the Series of Tubes speech.
me: but, i'm reading a case about a TUBE FACTORY! what am i supposed to think about?
friend: i don't know. tube factories?

thank you, captain obvious. you had me falling on the floor, laughing. you are awesome.

exchange 2...several hours later, and unrelated.

guy at karaoke:
so, what else is there to do in st. louis?
me: well...there are cardinals games. those are kind of fun, because i like watching baseball...although, really, i'm an AL fan.
guy at karaoke: so you like the cubs.
me: ::boggles:: no. i'm a SOX fan. i hate the cubs.
guy at karaoke: what? i'm a cubs fan!

so, dude. let me get this straight. i'm an AL fan, but i'm supposed to somehow be partial to the cubs? is that like...hearing me say something about being a blue devils fan, and asking me if i like carolina? unclear on the concept for $500, alex.

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