Tuesday, June 19, 2007

dear washington post,

according to headlines on bloomberg news (the station that is ALWAYS on the tv screens in the elevator in my office building), you printed two things in your newspaper that make me want to dub you captain obvious.

first of all--"bush used his power to circumvent the laws."

okay, people. it's 2007. bush has been in office for six and a half years now, and they're just now making that a headline?

and then, if that wasn't obvious enough--"study shows politicians benefit family members"?!?

yes. yes, they do. next thing you're going to tell me something like "the sun rises in the east," "the sun sets in the west," or "ted stevens doesn't know jack about the internet!"

and, also--who funded that study? they should be smacked, too...why would they pay to study something that's so obvious as "hey! nepotism exists!"

i saw both of these headlines in the short time it takes to go from the ground floor, up to the 46th. trust me, that's a short time--that elevator moves so fast that my ears usually pop.

so, in conclusion--you're a news outlet. post news. don't post...stuff a two year old would know.


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