Saturday, June 30, 2007

my sleep schedule is officially out of whack.

why? it's 2:30, and i just woke up.

Friday, June 29, 2007

last night was awesome.

my neck is killing me, since i gave myself whiplash while headbanging again. (yes, i know. this always happens. i should just get the message, and stop headbanging...but then i get surrounded in amazing live music, and start doing it again!) my ears are still ringing just a little bit. but, it's worth it.

i got to see madina lake at the double door last night...and they rocked my socks off.

of course, they played my favourite song of theirs--really early, too. "adalia" was the second song they played. i wish they played it twice. :) they played "here i stand" twice since they were shooting some kind of video for it...that song is good, but "adalia" is better!

hopefully i'll get to see them again soon. it won't be this summer...they're touring the country with the projekt revolution tour, and that won't be back in chicago until september. hopefully they'll play st. louis this fall. i missed them when they came through st. louis last time, and that made me very sad.

although, the weirdest thing happened after the show. i was on my way out, and some drunk dude walked up to me and asked me how long i had owned my shirt. i was wearing my inept shirt--which is old-school, from 2003. i told him that. turns out, he used to be their bassist. i didn't know him...he played bass for inept for a while after i left town for law school. they're actually looking for another seems like that slot is kind of a revolving door.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

i had two amusing exchanges yesterday. one was...just plain weird, but i find it hilarious. one was...special in that mind-boggling way, if you know anything about baseball.

exchange 1.

me: i'm reading a case about a tube factory, and all i can think of is the ted stevens Series of Tubes speech. yes, i know, i'm weird.
friend: you really should stop that.
me: stop being weird? i can't do that! if you ever tell me to stop being weird again, i'm never baking you cookies again.
friend: no, not that. stop talking so much about the Series of Tubes speech.
me: but, i'm reading a case about a TUBE FACTORY! what am i supposed to think about?
friend: i don't know. tube factories?

thank you, captain obvious. you had me falling on the floor, laughing. you are awesome.

exchange 2...several hours later, and unrelated.

guy at karaoke:
so, what else is there to do in st. louis?
me: well...there are cardinals games. those are kind of fun, because i like watching baseball...although, really, i'm an AL fan.
guy at karaoke: so you like the cubs.
me: ::boggles:: no. i'm a SOX fan. i hate the cubs.
guy at karaoke: what? i'm a cubs fan!

so, dude. let me get this straight. i'm an AL fan, but i'm supposed to somehow be partial to the cubs? is that like...hearing me say something about being a blue devils fan, and asking me if i like carolina? unclear on the concept for $500, alex.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

well, i sucked it up and did it today...i paid off my almost-maxed-out credit card. in full.

i was so unbelievably broke at the end of the semester and the beginning of the summer that i'm glad i had that card...but now that balance is out of my hair. paid off. AND IT FEELS GOOD.

from here on out, i'm paying that fucker off every month, in full, unless i desperately can't.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

last week, there were a bunch of articles in the tribune--they finally arrested a couple of people in connection with the leona's shooting that happened back in June of 2006...the shooting that happened at the leona's where i used to work, where the "robbers" came in through the unlocked door along Crack Dealer Alley, stole $1700, and shot the manager dead.

turns out, the alleged motive for the shooting was completely ridiculous.

they arrested a former waitress and her friend . allegedly, the former waitress was pissed off at this one manager for firing her, and got her friend to help by staging a robbery and killing the manager.

if this is actually what happened, i find that confusing. i worked at this leona's for five months. i know it was a terrible, terrible place to work. i know that the restaurant was run incompetently. i know the waitresses got treated poorly.

if a manager had fired me from that leona's, i would not have shot him. i would have thanked him for getting me out of that hellhole sooner than i otherwise would have left it on my own.

that manager did her a favour. and, she repaid him by shooting him? how ungrateful.

Monday, June 25, 2007

i'm reading a case, Broussard v. Huffman Manufacturing Company, 438 N.E.2d 1217 (Ill.App. 3rd 1982).

the defendant company makes gas cans. want to take a wild guess at the trade name under which the defendant assembles and distributes the gas cans?


aren't you...not supposed to huff gas? sheesh, i'm surprised that no silly goose decided to sue the company based on the idea that Huffy Gas Cans would encourage dumb kids to huff gas!

(okay, so i'm the only one who finds this absolutely hysterical? fine. banish me to the corner...but first, say the phrase "Huffy Gas Cans" five times to yourself and see if you don't crack up.)

Friday, June 22, 2007

i love this song. yeah, david allen coe's version is a lot more famous, but it's just not as funny as steve goodman's version. steve goodman co-wrote it, anyway...he's just that awesome. the last verse of it is just plain genius...his effort to string together every country cliche in one verse is one of the funniest things i've ever heard.

(yes, i know. it's cubs/sox weekend, which means i should probably not post steve goodman videos in my blog, since he was a known cubs fan. but, this song is hysterical, i just found the video--and it has nothing to do with that terrible baseball team.)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

i have found the Official Law School Theme Song. all you law schoolers out there, read it and try to tell me i'm wrong...

high school never ends
by bowling for soup

four years you think for sure
that’s all you've got to endure
all the total dicks
all the stuck up chicks
so superficial so immature
then when you graduate
you take a look around and you say hey wait
this is the same as where i just came from
i thought it was over
aw that’s just great

the whole damn world is just as obsessed
with who‘s the best dressed and who's having sex
who‘s got the money, who gets the honeys
who‘s kinda cute and who‘s just a mess
and you still don’t have the right look
and you don’t have the right friends
nothing changes but the faces the names and the trends
high school never ends

check out the popular kids
you’ll never guess what jessica did
and how did mary kate lose all that weight
and katie had a baby so i guess tom’s straight
and the only thing that matters
is climbing up that social ladder
still care about your hair and the car you drive
doesn’t matter if you’re sixteen or thirty-five

reese witherspoon she’s the prom queen
bill gates captain of the chess team
jack black a clown
brad pitt the quarterback
seen it all before
i want my money back

the whole damn world is just as obsessed
with who’s the best dressed and who's having sex
who’s in the club and who’s on the drugs
who’s throwing up before they digest
and you still don’t have the right look
and you don’t have the right friends
and you still listen to the same shit you did back then
high school never ends

high school never ends

the whole damn world is just as obsessed
with who‘s the best dressed and who‘s having sex
who‘s got the money, who gets the honeys
who‘s kinda cute and who‘s just a mess
and i still don’t have the right look
and i still have the same three friends
and i’m pretty much the same as i was back then
high school never ends

high school never ends
high school never ends
high school never ends
here we go again

i know, most bowling for soup songs are terrible--but this one really has a point.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

dear eBay,

i love you. when used-CD stores in chicago let me down, you stick up for me.

what am i referring to? i haven't been able to find a wesley willis album in a used cd store in years. years. but, today, in a matter of ten minutes, i bought two of his albums that i didn't own, right off of eBay! it's amazing!

thank you for giving me the opportunity to augment my music collection, and come two albums closer to my goal of owning every single one of his releases.

the persecuted crack smoker

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

there are some special cases out there. i'm reading a copyright infringement case called JCW Investments v. Novelty, Inc. (289 F.Supp.2d 1023).

a company who makes a doll called "Pull My Finger Fred" is pissed off at another company for making dolls named "Fartman" and "Fartboy," dolls that look eerily like "Pull My Finger Fred."

there's something really, really funny about companies arguing about farting dolls, and about a court writing a serious opinion about farting dolls. i'm giggling like an idiot in my office.

for crying out loud, the opinion has a short history of the pull-my-finger joke! how awesome is that?!

heh-heh. pull my finger. huh-huh. fartman.
dear washington post,

according to headlines on bloomberg news (the station that is ALWAYS on the tv screens in the elevator in my office building), you printed two things in your newspaper that make me want to dub you captain obvious.

first of all--"bush used his power to circumvent the laws."

okay, people. it's 2007. bush has been in office for six and a half years now, and they're just now making that a headline?

and then, if that wasn't obvious enough--"study shows politicians benefit family members"?!?

yes. yes, they do. next thing you're going to tell me something like "the sun rises in the east," "the sun sets in the west," or "ted stevens doesn't know jack about the internet!"

and, also--who funded that study? they should be smacked, too...why would they pay to study something that's so obvious as "hey! nepotism exists!"

i saw both of these headlines in the short time it takes to go from the ground floor, up to the 46th. trust me, that's a short time--that elevator moves so fast that my ears usually pop.

so, in conclusion--you're a news outlet. post news. don't post...stuff a two year old would know.


Monday, June 18, 2007

shiny things, 6.18.07:
  • the northbound 151 bus during rush hour, north of oak street.
  • pop smear by the verve pipe: it's still one of the most musically diverse albums ever, and one of the best.
  • having the smoke machine turned on while you're onstage, belting "when you're good to mama" a capella in front of a packed bar.
  • wesley willis actually getting some of the facts right in his song "richard speck."
not-so-shiny things, 6.18.07:
  • the northbound 151 bus during rush hour, south of oak street.
  • leaving the security card that gets you into your work building, and onto the office floors, at home.
  • jokes that aren't actually funny.
  • the fact that i'll never, ever get to see a wesley willis concert.
give me the strength to raise hell, when hell truly needs to be raised.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

this morning was really, really weird. i need to stop combining "walking through a less-than-familiar city alone" with "reading douglas coupland novels." it only leads to surrealism...and not the good kind, but more the kind tha tmakes me feel really, really insignificant.

i was walking from chinatown to union station, gazing around at buildings, daydreaming, and on the verge of tears. i don't know why. the sights weren't that was a bunch of restaurants, storefronts, and office buildings. nothing was gorgeous or stunning. i saw a few absurd signs along the way that i snapped pictures of, i saw an absurd monument (one to the "victims of communism," however sickeningly Cold War it may be), but i saw nothing so beautiful as to make me weep. i saw nothing so sad as to make me weep, either...just a bunch of people, walking around. a bunch of stupid tourists just like me.

i just felt disconnected from everything. being in DC was surreal. i didn't feel like i was anywhere different. i felt like i could walk a few blocks and go back to my apartment in chicago at any moment. i felt like i could walk a few blocks and see whichever people i wanted...people in chicago, people in st. louis, people anywhere. i realised i couldn't, and it just made me feel so isolated. i felt...adrift.

i feel like i've been drifting for a while, actually. i have all the big things figured out, that's for sure...all the post-law school stuff, the geographic stuff, the career stuff. but, i can't shake the idea that everything i'm doing now involves me waiting for another day, and another day, and another day to pass, until that future finally arrives. i need to stop doing that...i really don't know how to go about it, but today, it hit me that i just don't feel like i have an anchor to anything specific. if i don't stop and think about it, it's not that bad. it's easy to forget about. but, when i do stop and think about it, it makes me feel i'm wasting my life.

i know things aren't actually that least, i hope not. i'm just in a really mopey mood right now, and i need to rant. i'm just feeling unmoored.
so, the dumbest lawsuit ever got filed this week, but i haven't really had the time yet to comment upon it.

two whiny students from yale law filed a lawsuit against a bunch of people on autoadmit, a pretty-much-unmoderated and anonymous law student message board.1 i can't believe they could take so seriously what a bunch of anonymous trolls are saying about them.

it's the internet, and people need to not be stupid. sure, would it be nice if internet trolls were not posting all that flame? sure. but, it's inevitable. people will post flame, and people will post ridiculously untruthful flame about real people. the subjects of it need to get over it, and so does everyone else.

i can't honestly believe that either of them lost job opportunities, or their dignity, because of what some people said about them on an anonymous message board. people doing hiring can't be that stupid, to take comments made on a website known across the legal community to be a cesspool of anonymous sexism, racism, and everything-else-ism at face value. if you are a student at yale law school, and you didn't get any job offers, there's something else wrong with you--it's not because of the internet posts.2

and, i'm sorry, you don't have a cause of action for claiming things like "i had to take time away from school and my job to find a summer position through something other than OCI." welcome to the real world, bitch. welcome to what most law students have to do.

suing people for being boorish internet trolls is not going to stop people from being boorish internet trolls. it's not going to do anything to make the lives of these thin-skinned girls any better. it's not going to get them a job. it's not going to do anything.

the one thing i've learned about stupid, loud idiots on the internet, after thirteen years of being online? if you be quiet and ignore the trolls, they'll go away and find another target. if you give them attention, they will keep pounding away at you. clearly these two girls did not ignore the internet trolls, so they kept pounding away. the fact that they're now suing only makes them more of a target, and more of a source of ire, on the boards.

1 full disclosure: yes, i do regularly read autoadmit, and post on it. no, i'm not one of the posters named in the lawsuit.

2 one of the posters who got named in the lawsuit got named just for making a comment to the effect that it's laughable to think that one of the plaintiffs didn't get a job because of posts on a website that "no lawyer takes seriously." that's ridiculous that he got named for saying that--you shouldn't be sued for speaking the truth. in fact, several of the people who got sued didn't say anything terrible or pornographic--i think the lawyers just picked some of the H.I./B.H. threads and sued everyone who posted in them. it was so poorly organized.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

it's so weird being back in DC, for the first time in five years.

some of it i remember really well, some of it i don't. i was in dupont circle's a little different than i remember. i thought there were more nightspots there...although i guess most of them must be off the circle, on streets where i wasn't walking. i like dupont circle, it's one of the few places in DC where i spent a lot of time five years ago, when i lived there for a summer.

it's nice to see that kramerbooks is still there. i liked that place a lot. i need to go down there at some point this weekend, especially since my hotel is about four blocks off of dupont circle.

i need to figure out what i'm doing tomorrow. i have plans for lunch, and i have evening plans, but i need to figure out what i want to see during the day. oh well...this is kind of an on-the-fly vacation, i'm sure i'll figure it out.

and, with that, i'm off to DC this afternoon. :) maybe i'll post from there. probably not. but, it's gonna be a good time, and i'll be back on monday. <3

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

well, my last two grades came in yesterday.

one of them made me want to run a victory lap around my office.

the other made me want to put my fist through the nearest wall.

and that's how it goes.

Monday, June 11, 2007

i love when a court tells the lawyers to shove it. case in point, we have the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in Thomsen et al. v. Cullen et al., 219 N.W.439, 440 (Wis. 1928), noting at the beginning of an opinion, before getting into the merits of the case:

"The case presented here includes over 1,000 pages of printed matter. There are nearly 400 pages of briefs. We regard the amount of printing presented in this case in this court as entirely unjustifiable and being an unwarranted expense to parties. It is not in accordance with the rule and we feel that it should not be passed without comment."

four hundred pages of briefs?! for one case?! i shudder to think about the lawyers who could stand to write that much, and i shudder to think about the judge who had to read it. i'm surprised the lawyers got away with just the admonition, instead of a full-fledged physical beating from the judge. i think that this case probably falls within the five or ten cases in which allowing the judge to physically castigate the lawyers would be most proper.

i should keep this quote by my computer at work. it would inspire me to keep my legal writing nice and concise.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

alright. i'm dumbfounded. my head is about to explode.

in 1994, the pentagon actually batted around the idea of a gay bomb, on suggestion from the air force.

yeah, that's right. a gay bomb. an attack with homosexual aphrodisiacs. a bomb that would make enemy soldiers gay. one that would theoretically make them more interested in sex than in fighting.

that's impossible. that's offensive. that's...patently stupid. i'd try to say something witty about it, but really, it's too dumb for that.
i guess that last post was a little cryptic, and i should explain it a little more. :)

ten years ago yesterday was the first time i ever heard "the freshmen" by the verve pipe. hearing that song just plain changed my life. i wasn't really all that into music at that point. i hadn't really come into much of an identity yet...i was a loner, a loser, i had just finished my freshman year of high school, and i really had no idea who i was.

that song changed it.

i loved that song. i heard it, and it tapped into something that i didn't know i had. i spent that summer doing nothing but listening to music, and writing. i started with just the verve pipe, and picked up more bands along the way. the lyrics meant something to me...they described my life and my feelings better than i thought anyone could.

and, i wrote. most of what i wrote was awful...i look back and read all those notebooks i wrote that summer, and most of it was bad teenage poetry. but, it did something important. it, along with hearing and thinking about all the lyrics from all the songs i was listening to, helped me figure out what was real for me. it helped me start to realise that i could have an identity, a self-identity, something different than what everyone thought of me. that was comforting and freeing, since people generally ignored me at that point. it made me a little more introspective, and a lot less concerned with what people thought of me.

and, it all built out from hearing that song for the first time, ten years ago. happy tenth birthday, to nicolle as we know her.
yesterday was my tenth birthday.

happy birthday to me.


Friday, June 08, 2007

dear yahoo radio,

you rule. you are awesome. unlike pandora, that doesn't actually play the songs i tell it to, but usually only songs that it thinks are like it, you play exactly what i tell you to play. sure, you throw in a few new ones every once in a while for good measure, but when i tell you that i want to hear a lot of certain artists, or certain songs, you don't disappoint me.

i am also rather happy with your wesley willis collection. sure, it could be far better, but i can't realistically expect you to have all fifty of his albums, most of which were self-released. you've got a couple of his albums, and you play his stuff on a regular basis. that's more than i get from...well, anything other than my iTunes playlist, which i can't actually bring to work.

the persecuted crack smoker

Thursday, June 07, 2007

did i ever mention that readysexgo by the marvelous 3 is one of the greatest albums ever? it really is. it stands the test of time, and gets better with every listen to it. a world when albums have a few good songs and a ton of duds, there's really only one song on that album that doesn't really do it for me ("i'm losing you").
the songs are catchy, fun to sing along to, and just plain good.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

how in the world did people book vacations before the internet? how did they comparison shop? did they spend entire days on the phone, calling airline after airline, calling hotel after hotel, trying to get a halfway decent deal? did they have to pay a travel agent to do it for them?

thank goodness for the internet. i could sit around for an hour or less, check airline ticket sites, check hotel sites, and take advantage of some nice, cheap rates.

did i mention i'm going to be hanging out in DC in two weeks (june 14-17)? 'cause i am.