Saturday, May 19, 2007

this entry's so long, i gotta use point headings.

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first off...student life finally published my second advice column yesterday.

(and before you point it out again, my initial draft, i did use double-dashes instead of hyphens. they get it right in print, but for some reason, the webmaster doesn't know the difference, or doesn't care. i think i need to have a talk with studlife's webmaster sometime this summer, so he or she stops screwing up my grammar.)


i do have a roof over my head. it's up in edgewater...pretty near the place that screwed me over, actually. it's another place off wasn't deliberate, but a good coincidence.

i'm not all that crazy about it the longer i'm here, but it's only for three months. the neighbourhood is alright, but i don't really click with any of my roommates at all. i'm so spoiled...after herodotus the talking stick, i expect my roommate situations to be so much more fun. but, i know nothing will ever compare.

two of my roommates are nice enough, i can talk to them, but they both tend to pry into things that i don't want them prying into. they may be my roommates, but they are still strangers at this point. my other roommate...i don't really like her much. she's very off-putting and pushy.

at least i don't spend much time at home...i basically come here to change clothes and then go out again, or to sleep. i finally had a good night's sleep last night. the place is unfurnished, so i slept on the floor monday night through thursday night. four straight nights on the floor with just a blanket and a pillow...leads to pain. lots of pain. but, last night i went to target after work and bought an air mattress...which led to twelve hours of glorious, uninterrupted sleep last night. thank you, thank you, thank you air mattress.

(and hey--shiny side effect of the air mattress? owning it will make it a lot easier to have overnight guests at my place in st. louis, 'cause i'll have a place for them to sleep! yay!)


there has been work. i can't go too deeply into the specifics, as i haven't been able to do in any of the law jobs i've had. but, i have the most absurd job ever this summer. it's absurd in a good way, and i like it more than i thought i would.

my firm does a good job of giving summer associates interesting assignments--there was that fear during the interview season that they were exaggerating, but so far that has shaken out well. the assignments i've taken so far have been interesting.

and, i'm getting a lot of chances to meet people at the firm. most of the people in the office are really friendly, and right there to either talk to me about the firm, or to answer my silly questions ("this building is a maze, and i can't find my office on the north wall! help!") a week in, i'm sure it's going to be a good summer.

karaoke: the shiny

oh, the karaoke i sang this week. i sang karaoke tuesday, wednesday, and thursday nights. :D tuesday was random. because of the weather, katie was stuck in town for the night, having missed her connecting flight. we met up for dinner in lincoln park, and found a mexican restaurant on lincoln avenue that had karaoke going. so, it was mexican food and karaoke...and all kinds of shiny. wednesday and thursday were both karaoke trips out with the foof...i about killed the crowd with schmaltz on wednesday, since i did "i will always love you", followed by (at the foof's behest) "it's all coming back to me now." what can i say? i love singing that diva stuff, and i needed something to offset starting off the night singing "hate me", quite possibly the most depressing song that's also that fun to sing.

karaoke...the not-so-shiny

thursday night...i found out from hilary that there may not be any more karaoke thursdays at blue hill! i can't believe that--it makes me sad. apparently the owner of the karaoke night got in a fight with the owner of the bar, or the manager of the bar...and karaoke is no more. that means we'll have to...gasp...find a new karaoke night.

what i'm wondering is...any chance that maybe blue hill, or another place nice and close to us, will have a karaoke night featuring karaoke mike, but not karaoke al? that would be very, very shiny. either way...this is not going to stop the karaoke in st. louis, we will just have to find another place to sing if this is permanent.


alright...need to get ready. today is geeky board game day! :D i promise, i won't always be this bad about updating.


Eric said...

OK, I won't razz you about the hyphens this time. Much better to harass you about the awkward construction "relationships you have had have stayed". Yikes!

Also in the Yikes! category: "studlife webmaster". Oh, the possibilities...

nicolle said...

yes...that is an awkward phrase. it made sense to me, but i should have redone it. *hides face*

hahaha...indeed. studlife webmaster sounds dirty...porno magnate, much?

Mad Jurist said...

Gee, that advice column felt strangely relevant :)