Saturday, May 12, 2007

nine hours from now, i'm going to be on a bus to chicago for the summer. i'm all packed up except for my last couple things that i'm tossing into my bag tomorrow morning.

i can't believe i'm starting my summer job monday. it feels like i've had no break between school and my job...because, really, i haven't. my last day at the public defender's office was yesterday. i was originally going to take this week off and not go in there, but i had a trial set for yesterday, and i really wanted to be there for my trial. the trial ended up not going, which is a long story not fit for publication on the internet...but in short, the case got dismissed at the eleventh hour.

i've had a busy week...i've either been at work, or i've been going out to see my friends here. i'll be in st. louis a couple times this summer, a weekend here and there, but it still makes me sad that i'm going to be leaving. i don't think i'm really going to miss the city of st. louis at all, but i'm going to miss my friends here a lot.

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Mad Jurist said...

It's too bad your case got dismissed; I really hope it's a matter of the pros not noticing that he didn't have a case than anything else. You'll have to tell me about it sometime. Have fun in Chicago!