Sunday, May 20, 2007

i sang more karaoke last night. i had originally planned to be playing games until late, but since there were only three of us who could play, we ended up spending most of the afternoon walking around chicago (lake michigan! SQUEE!), and then playing a game of munchkin. i didn't have any other plans for the i ended up going down to trader todd's.

it's a bar right off the belmont stop of the el--and it has karaoke seven nights a week. (i'll never Not Have Anything To Do ever again, that's for sure.) it's really crowded, but most of the people there just watch the festivity and don't actually sing, so i got to do four songs.

but, that's not the real story from last night.

as is the case with most any karaoke bar, it was rife with skeezy, skeezy men. one of them was especially that smarmy way that makes you want to just leave, go home, and take a shower. he was hitting on me periodically all night, trying to convince me that he was a big deal, giving me his business card, blah blah blah. i was looking the other way, ignoring him, and he was having none of it.

when he started saying good things about president bush, though, i knew i had my chance. it was a fantastic set up. i mentioned that i didn't like bush, i was pissed that he had gotten (re?)elected, and voiced my disappointment with his supreme court justices.

skeezebag took the bait. he started blustering about how justices roberts and alito were too liberal, and that they were compromise choices that couldn't actually get anything done for the conservative agenda.

and i looked at him with the angriest face i've been able to look at anyone with in a long time, and asked him if he had been paying attention. i asked him if he had seen the gonzalez v. carhart decision.

and he tried to pat me on the shoulder (ew!) and tell me it wasn't a big deal.

that was it. i started screaming, at the top of my lungs, not letting him get a word in edgewise, about how it was the first step in the bush supreme court chipping away at my rights under roe v. wade, about how it's proof that bush is beginning to get exactly what he wants out of his two new justices. granted, it wasn't presented in as sophisticated a manner as it could have been had i not consumed a couple of long islands, but i got the point across. he tried to speak, but i wouldn't have any of it. i finished my rant, and stormed away.

and then he left the bar. not only did i get to preach on my drunken soapbox about the slippery slope of gonzalez v. carhart, but i got the skeezebag to leave the bar.

mission accomplished.


Eric said...

Awesome. I want to do this someday. Especially if the republican hitting on me is gay. Eww.

little miss risky said...

Good on you!
Also, which bar is this? Karaoke every night??!!?