Saturday, May 26, 2007

i really need to get better at updating this thing this summer.

i'm so pissed off right now. a bunch of my friends are in town this weekend...and my body decided that this would be a PERFECT time to get sick. i felt a sore throat kind of creeping up on me yesterday, and then last night it started to hurt pretty badly. this morning, it's awful. it hurts me to talk. this is bad, as my plans for tonight involved going out with all of my friends who are in town, drinking, and talking. i think i'm going to relax this afternoon, hope my sore throat goes down, and hope i'm in a condition to talk by this evening. it'll make me so sad if i'm not feeling well enough to go out and see everyone.

on a complete other topic...i saw the movie "beerfest" last night. it's hysterical. anyone who likes funny movies...or beer...should see it. i don't think i've ever seen so much beer in a movie, ever. the movie is completely absurd, but in a great way. although, watching it makes me wish there was some super-secret beer drinking competition that i could train for...or at least wish i were playing some drinking games.

alright...time go go back to sleep, or at least try to. :P i'm still dragging from what little sleep i got this week.

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little miss risky said...

When I move to Chicago, there will be drinking games! And Skyline dip (it's a Cincinnati thing, but it's incredible)