Sunday, May 06, 2007

i made a comment to one of my friends a few days ago, that i really needed to come up with a mix cd of songs that make the soundtrack to my first two years of law school.

this morning i finally did that...well, i haven't burned it to cd yet, but i've condensed the whole of my musical addiction into a short list of songs that remind me most of my life from august 2006 until today...starting with a musical apology for leaving a much better state, and ending with a song that kept me amused through the time up to and including this past finals period.

i think it reflects the ups and down well.

law school: two years in:
"sorry illinois" by shot baker1
"hate me" by blue october
"vindicated" by dashboard confessional
"helena" by my chemical romance
"full colour guilt" by boysetsfire
"first day of my life" by the rasmus
"paper wings" by rise against
"maybe" by a.d.d.
"cold (but i'm still here)" by evans blue
"adalia" by madina lake2
"only one" by yellowcard
"duncan hills coffee jingle" by dethklok
"hello" by evanescence
"i want it that way" by dynamite boy3
"disregarding" by virgos merlot
"the kkk took my baby away" by the dead kennedys
"anthem of our dying day" by story of the year
"dr. online" by zeromancer
"andy, you're a star" by the killers
"the crack song" by chris shepard
"ricky gott" by wesley willis

so there, you have it: the last year and nine months of my life, in an hour and ten minutes.

1 originally by francesco ostello, although this was the first version i ever heard, and i still find it really weird to ever listen to the original. i prefer shot baker's version by far...hearing it without any kind of punk rock sound just doesn't sound right to me.
2 specifically the version from the demo--not the version on from them, through us, to you. they're significantly different, and the original version is far better.
3 originally by the backstreet boys. i can't decide which one i like better (they're both extremely guilty pleasures, of course!), but this one is far more law school, since it reminds me of the prelude to an extremely crazy night at the pin-up bowl.

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