Sunday, May 13, 2007

holy apartment nightmare, batman.

so, i go to meet the guy at the edgewater apartment yesterday at 7, like we said. he's not there. come back at 7:30, bang on the door some more. not there. come back at 8:20. he's not there, but some of the roommates are. they let me in, show me the place.

the guy whose apartment it is, is still not there. he may or may not have rented my room to someone else--there was a computer room that one of the roommates said would have been my room, although another roommate said that there were no more rooms available, and he had rented out the only open bedroom the day before.

i waited there until 10pm. i left several messages on this guy's phone. nothing.

i called him again today. nothing.

so, i'm back to square one. i'm frantically looking for something else. again. i've been emailing and calling people frantically, trying to find somewhere to live. i spent the afternoon hanging out with one of the other people in the summer program with me...he was so awesome. i told him about my conundrum, and after lunch, he let me get on his computer and see if anyone had gotten back to me, and he helped me search for more listings. he gets a cookie.

but, i'm still looking. my current plan, if a studio for friday through the end of may works out, is to live in a hostel for a few days (so i don't completely, out-of-nowhere, overtake kevin and leah's living room for an entire week!), go to that studio, and then line up an apartment from the beginning of june through the rest of the summer.

i love chicago, but right now i hate my living situation--or, more specifically, my lack of one.

*dies of frustration*


Eric said...

Sorry to hear about your apartment misadventure! I guess that's the risk with CL. My friend Emily found an awesome illegally-converted industrial loft on there a few years back that turned out to be really cool, but they had to be careful who saw them walking in the door, so as to avoid getting busted by the city. Good luck!

little miss risky said...

Good luck! That sounds like such a nightmare :(
Hope you can get settled soon and start enjoying the city.