Friday, May 04, 2007

the end of 2L year is completely amorphous.

in grade school and high school, the end of the year was the last day we showed our faces in class. in college, since i lived in the dorms all four years, it was move-out day. 1L year, it was the day of the last 1L final. 3Ls have graduation...that day when everyone can get together and say they survived three years of hell, throw their funny hats in the air, and go to work.

what do we have, as 2Ls? i had my last test tuesday, although people still had finals today. there is no real get-together saying "the year they work you to death is over." the closest thing we have is the SBA end-of-semester party. i'm going, but i don't know who else is going. i'll still have a week to chill with most of my friends here, before i go to chicago a week from tomorrow. i still have work to do in the clinic, since i have a case going to trial on thursday.

this is a little unnerving.

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