Saturday, May 26, 2007

i really need to get better at updating this thing this summer.

i'm so pissed off right now. a bunch of my friends are in town this weekend...and my body decided that this would be a PERFECT time to get sick. i felt a sore throat kind of creeping up on me yesterday, and then last night it started to hurt pretty badly. this morning, it's awful. it hurts me to talk. this is bad, as my plans for tonight involved going out with all of my friends who are in town, drinking, and talking. i think i'm going to relax this afternoon, hope my sore throat goes down, and hope i'm in a condition to talk by this evening. it'll make me so sad if i'm not feeling well enough to go out and see everyone.

on a complete other topic...i saw the movie "beerfest" last night. it's hysterical. anyone who likes funny movies...or beer...should see it. i don't think i've ever seen so much beer in a movie, ever. the movie is completely absurd, but in a great way. although, watching it makes me wish there was some super-secret beer drinking competition that i could train for...or at least wish i were playing some drinking games.

alright...time go go back to sleep, or at least try to. :P i'm still dragging from what little sleep i got this week.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

i sang more karaoke last night. i had originally planned to be playing games until late, but since there were only three of us who could play, we ended up spending most of the afternoon walking around chicago (lake michigan! SQUEE!), and then playing a game of munchkin. i didn't have any other plans for the i ended up going down to trader todd's.

it's a bar right off the belmont stop of the el--and it has karaoke seven nights a week. (i'll never Not Have Anything To Do ever again, that's for sure.) it's really crowded, but most of the people there just watch the festivity and don't actually sing, so i got to do four songs.

but, that's not the real story from last night.

as is the case with most any karaoke bar, it was rife with skeezy, skeezy men. one of them was especially that smarmy way that makes you want to just leave, go home, and take a shower. he was hitting on me periodically all night, trying to convince me that he was a big deal, giving me his business card, blah blah blah. i was looking the other way, ignoring him, and he was having none of it.

when he started saying good things about president bush, though, i knew i had my chance. it was a fantastic set up. i mentioned that i didn't like bush, i was pissed that he had gotten (re?)elected, and voiced my disappointment with his supreme court justices.

skeezebag took the bait. he started blustering about how justices roberts and alito were too liberal, and that they were compromise choices that couldn't actually get anything done for the conservative agenda.

and i looked at him with the angriest face i've been able to look at anyone with in a long time, and asked him if he had been paying attention. i asked him if he had seen the gonzalez v. carhart decision.

and he tried to pat me on the shoulder (ew!) and tell me it wasn't a big deal.

that was it. i started screaming, at the top of my lungs, not letting him get a word in edgewise, about how it was the first step in the bush supreme court chipping away at my rights under roe v. wade, about how it's proof that bush is beginning to get exactly what he wants out of his two new justices. granted, it wasn't presented in as sophisticated a manner as it could have been had i not consumed a couple of long islands, but i got the point across. he tried to speak, but i wouldn't have any of it. i finished my rant, and stormed away.

and then he left the bar. not only did i get to preach on my drunken soapbox about the slippery slope of gonzalez v. carhart, but i got the skeezebag to leave the bar.

mission accomplished.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

this entry's so long, i gotta use point headings.

read this

first off...student life finally published my second advice column yesterday.

(and before you point it out again, my initial draft, i did use double-dashes instead of hyphens. they get it right in print, but for some reason, the webmaster doesn't know the difference, or doesn't care. i think i need to have a talk with studlife's webmaster sometime this summer, so he or she stops screwing up my grammar.)


i do have a roof over my head. it's up in edgewater...pretty near the place that screwed me over, actually. it's another place off wasn't deliberate, but a good coincidence.

i'm not all that crazy about it the longer i'm here, but it's only for three months. the neighbourhood is alright, but i don't really click with any of my roommates at all. i'm so spoiled...after herodotus the talking stick, i expect my roommate situations to be so much more fun. but, i know nothing will ever compare.

two of my roommates are nice enough, i can talk to them, but they both tend to pry into things that i don't want them prying into. they may be my roommates, but they are still strangers at this point. my other roommate...i don't really like her much. she's very off-putting and pushy.

at least i don't spend much time at home...i basically come here to change clothes and then go out again, or to sleep. i finally had a good night's sleep last night. the place is unfurnished, so i slept on the floor monday night through thursday night. four straight nights on the floor with just a blanket and a pillow...leads to pain. lots of pain. but, last night i went to target after work and bought an air mattress...which led to twelve hours of glorious, uninterrupted sleep last night. thank you, thank you, thank you air mattress.

(and hey--shiny side effect of the air mattress? owning it will make it a lot easier to have overnight guests at my place in st. louis, 'cause i'll have a place for them to sleep! yay!)


there has been work. i can't go too deeply into the specifics, as i haven't been able to do in any of the law jobs i've had. but, i have the most absurd job ever this summer. it's absurd in a good way, and i like it more than i thought i would.

my firm does a good job of giving summer associates interesting assignments--there was that fear during the interview season that they were exaggerating, but so far that has shaken out well. the assignments i've taken so far have been interesting.

and, i'm getting a lot of chances to meet people at the firm. most of the people in the office are really friendly, and right there to either talk to me about the firm, or to answer my silly questions ("this building is a maze, and i can't find my office on the north wall! help!") a week in, i'm sure it's going to be a good summer.

karaoke: the shiny

oh, the karaoke i sang this week. i sang karaoke tuesday, wednesday, and thursday nights. :D tuesday was random. because of the weather, katie was stuck in town for the night, having missed her connecting flight. we met up for dinner in lincoln park, and found a mexican restaurant on lincoln avenue that had karaoke going. so, it was mexican food and karaoke...and all kinds of shiny. wednesday and thursday were both karaoke trips out with the foof...i about killed the crowd with schmaltz on wednesday, since i did "i will always love you", followed by (at the foof's behest) "it's all coming back to me now." what can i say? i love singing that diva stuff, and i needed something to offset starting off the night singing "hate me", quite possibly the most depressing song that's also that fun to sing.

karaoke...the not-so-shiny

thursday night...i found out from hilary that there may not be any more karaoke thursdays at blue hill! i can't believe that--it makes me sad. apparently the owner of the karaoke night got in a fight with the owner of the bar, or the manager of the bar...and karaoke is no more. that means we'll have to...gasp...find a new karaoke night.

what i'm wondering is...any chance that maybe blue hill, or another place nice and close to us, will have a karaoke night featuring karaoke mike, but not karaoke al? that would be very, very shiny. either way...this is not going to stop the karaoke in st. louis, we will just have to find another place to sing if this is permanent.


alright...need to get ready. today is geeky board game day! :D i promise, i won't always be this bad about updating.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

let us watch as metaquotes kills you with the funny:

St. Peter sees Jerry Falwell approaching the pearly gates and IMs Jesus

P34lyG4t3Pete: ROFLAMAO you're never guess who I've got approaching right now
S4v10rpwns: OMG who???
P34lyG4t3Pete: Jerry Falwell.
S4v10rpwns: ZOMG *crucified *
S4v10rpwns: I gotta wake up Dad 4 this, brb

[G0DFTW has entered the chat]

P34lyG4t3Pete: I have Jerry Falwell approaching the pearly gates, sir.
P34lyG4t3Pete: Do you want me to handle this or should I send him to you?
S4v10rpwns: Is to be bitchslapping time nau, plz?
P34lyG4t3Pete: omg srsly.
P34lyG4t3Pete: he's here and demanding entry into heaven.
P34lyG4t35ftw: YA RLY.
S4v10rpwns: LOL cry more emo kid

*dies laughing*

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i shouldn't take any happiness about jerry falwell being dead...and yet i can't help it. it makes me a bad person, even to be happy that a bad person is gone, never again to spiritually torture people...but there i go. i'm happy. i'm happy he's dead. and, if he's right and there's a fiery, burning, eternal hell...i hope he's in it.
longer entry later, but as of last night i have an apartment.

thank goodness.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

holy apartment nightmare, batman.

so, i go to meet the guy at the edgewater apartment yesterday at 7, like we said. he's not there. come back at 7:30, bang on the door some more. not there. come back at 8:20. he's not there, but some of the roommates are. they let me in, show me the place.

the guy whose apartment it is, is still not there. he may or may not have rented my room to someone else--there was a computer room that one of the roommates said would have been my room, although another roommate said that there were no more rooms available, and he had rented out the only open bedroom the day before.

i waited there until 10pm. i left several messages on this guy's phone. nothing.

i called him again today. nothing.

so, i'm back to square one. i'm frantically looking for something else. again. i've been emailing and calling people frantically, trying to find somewhere to live. i spent the afternoon hanging out with one of the other people in the summer program with me...he was so awesome. i told him about my conundrum, and after lunch, he let me get on his computer and see if anyone had gotten back to me, and he helped me search for more listings. he gets a cookie.

but, i'm still looking. my current plan, if a studio for friday through the end of may works out, is to live in a hostel for a few days (so i don't completely, out-of-nowhere, overtake kevin and leah's living room for an entire week!), go to that studio, and then line up an apartment from the beginning of june through the rest of the summer.

i love chicago, but right now i hate my living situation--or, more specifically, my lack of one.

*dies of frustration*

Saturday, May 12, 2007 to chicago for the summer! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
nine hours from now, i'm going to be on a bus to chicago for the summer. i'm all packed up except for my last couple things that i'm tossing into my bag tomorrow morning.

i can't believe i'm starting my summer job monday. it feels like i've had no break between school and my job...because, really, i haven't. my last day at the public defender's office was yesterday. i was originally going to take this week off and not go in there, but i had a trial set for yesterday, and i really wanted to be there for my trial. the trial ended up not going, which is a long story not fit for publication on the internet...but in short, the case got dismissed at the eleventh hour.

i've had a busy week...i've either been at work, or i've been going out to see my friends here. i'll be in st. louis a couple times this summer, a weekend here and there, but it still makes me sad that i'm going to be leaving. i don't think i'm really going to miss the city of st. louis at all, but i'm going to miss my friends here a lot.

Friday, May 11, 2007

it's officially old video day here in the last refuge.

i can't believe i had never seen this classic in its entirety before:

duck and cover. got it. :) i don't think they needed to spend nine minutes explaining such a simple thing...but i guess people are stupid.
exercise mags will make you gay?

nudist mags will make you kill small children?

porno is a communist conspiracy?

i present to you: perversion for profit. it's a 1960s anti-porno PSA...and it's so absurd that it's hilarious.

dear laclede gas guy,

please to be not banging loudly on my door at 9:30 in the morning if i have been up until 4am the night before. not only did you scare me, but you woke me up, and i can't go back to sleep. that's not very nice of you.

the persecuted crack smoker

Thursday, May 10, 2007

well, my first grade is up...i passed moot court! :)

not surprising, i know...but hey. it's one more credit toward graduating, it doesn't *hurt* my gpa, and i DARN WELL BETTER have passed after how sexy my oral arguments were.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

alright, i'll admit: there's one shiny thing that i can't stand: my face, when it's covered in sunscreen.

i bought the nice, oil-free stuff this time...and my face is shining like mr. clean's chrome-dome! what gives!? i guess it's still better than the alternative, my face getting terribly sunburned at the cardinals game this afternoon, but it makes me so mad.

why i can't i avoid a sunburn and still look good in the process? sigh.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

things are falling into place.

i have my bus ticket out--i leave saturday morning at 9am.

the apartment i thought i had, in wicker park...fell through. i'm pretty pissed off about that. but, i found a new one...trying to find an apartment with such short notice sucks, but i think it would have been plumb impossible without craigslist. (how WOULD one find an apartment on such short notice without craigslist?! i sure don't know.)

i'm living way up on the north side, in edgewater, just north of andersonville. i'm on Thorndale, about a block from the red liine stop. in other words, i'll have the Shortest Commute Ever, only two el stops, from Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. envy me now.

i can't believe i'm actually going to be back in the city--the real city--my city--on saturday! *squeeeeeeee*

Monday, May 07, 2007

my outfit for work today is all jacket, black shirt, black pants, black socks, black shoes.

i feel like johnny cash. someone give me a guitar and a rich, low voice, and i'll sing you some really good songs.
my apartment is officially clean. it took me forever, but it is.

there is floor space. there are clean dishes. there are clean clothes. it is presentable--i will allow other people in, finally!

this is a strange state of affairs. my apartment is never clean.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

i made a comment to one of my friends a few days ago, that i really needed to come up with a mix cd of songs that make the soundtrack to my first two years of law school.

this morning i finally did that...well, i haven't burned it to cd yet, but i've condensed the whole of my musical addiction into a short list of songs that remind me most of my life from august 2006 until today...starting with a musical apology for leaving a much better state, and ending with a song that kept me amused through the time up to and including this past finals period.

i think it reflects the ups and down well.

law school: two years in:
"sorry illinois" by shot baker1
"hate me" by blue october
"vindicated" by dashboard confessional
"helena" by my chemical romance
"full colour guilt" by boysetsfire
"first day of my life" by the rasmus
"paper wings" by rise against
"maybe" by a.d.d.
"cold (but i'm still here)" by evans blue
"adalia" by madina lake2
"only one" by yellowcard
"duncan hills coffee jingle" by dethklok
"hello" by evanescence
"i want it that way" by dynamite boy3
"disregarding" by virgos merlot
"the kkk took my baby away" by the dead kennedys
"anthem of our dying day" by story of the year
"dr. online" by zeromancer
"andy, you're a star" by the killers
"the crack song" by chris shepard
"ricky gott" by wesley willis

so there, you have it: the last year and nine months of my life, in an hour and ten minutes.

1 originally by francesco ostello, although this was the first version i ever heard, and i still find it really weird to ever listen to the original. i prefer shot baker's version by far...hearing it without any kind of punk rock sound just doesn't sound right to me.
2 specifically the version from the demo--not the version on from them, through us, to you. they're significantly different, and the original version is far better.
3 originally by the backstreet boys. i can't decide which one i like better (they're both extremely guilty pleasures, of course!), but this one is far more law school, since it reminds me of the prelude to an extremely crazy night at the pin-up bowl.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

public service announcement to anyone in st. louis, or anyone who is planning to come to st. louis:

the president is the skeeziest casino i have ever seen. you think you've seen skeezy casinos before, and then you enter the president, and realise that you've seen absolutely nothing.

i've never seen an out of order slot machine in a casino, much less an unplugged one. at the president, there were quite a few slot machines right out there on the casino floor that were out of order. there were quite a few people playing at the machines that did work, but everyone was just so dishevelled. it was the antithesis of the glitz and glamour of the casinos in vegas; it was even the antithesis of the glossy feeling of walking through the harrah's casino out in st. charles. walking through that casino felt dirty. it felt like everyone was there for one of two reasons: either because they're from out of town, staying downtown, and didn't know to go out to st. charles instead...or because they needed their fix. the feeling of walking through that casino sticks to a body like a layer of dust, like a wrapping of shame.

then...the poker room. if the floor with the slots and table games was skeezy, the floor with the poker room was just sad.

the signs in the casino said the poker room was on the bottom floor. right off the elevator, there's no poker room, and no sign telling where to walk to get to the poker room. there were bare walls, empty spaces, drop looked like an area under construction, and not part of a functioning casino! there were no lights! there was no apparent gambling! a casino is supposed to be shiny, and this part of the casino had no shiny objects in sight.

and yet we kept walking. there was a poker room down there. it was surrounded by a short wooden barrier. the cage where we could buy chips wasn't labeled. when you bought chips, they did not hand the chips to you in a rack--you had to grab a rack yourself out of a rickety metal wheelbarrow. who to talk to to sign up for a table...that wasn't well marked, we had to ask around. there were a few neon signs near the poker tables, almost all of which were advertisements for various permutations of anheuser-busch beer. the poker room was so quiet...most of the ten or twelve tables were populated, but there was a strange hush over the room, the likes of which i had never before experienced. usually a poker room is a jolly place, at least for some. everyone was so somber there.

everything around the poker room contributed to that abandoned feel. along the left wall of the poker room were at least fifty broken slot machines: unplugged, some with paper signs on them, stacked three or four deep. on the other side of the poker room, across from the slot machines, there was a carpeted area, a metal grate, and then another area behind the metal grate with some bathrooms. it was unclear if that area was under construction, or if it was just closed--space no longer needed in that clearly dying casino. behind the poker room was a snack bar. the snack bar was closed, the curtains over the service area, despite the fact that it was ten thirty on a friday night, prime casino gambling time.

whether it's in a thriving casino, a dying casino, a living room, or a smoky basement, the game of poker is still the game of poker. despite the depressing ambience, i still felt right at home once i plunked my chips down on the table and started to play. i just had to focus on the players, focus on the dealer, on the cards and on the chips. i had to focus on the game. once i was at the table, i was surrounded by what i knew. i felt like myself again.

but, i couldn't look around outside the bounds of the table. because, if i started looking around, i started feeling a little sad again.

Friday, May 04, 2007

the end of 2L year is completely amorphous.

in grade school and high school, the end of the year was the last day we showed our faces in class. in college, since i lived in the dorms all four years, it was move-out day. 1L year, it was the day of the last 1L final. 3Ls have graduation...that day when everyone can get together and say they survived three years of hell, throw their funny hats in the air, and go to work.

what do we have, as 2Ls? i had my last test tuesday, although people still had finals today. there is no real get-together saying "the year they work you to death is over." the closest thing we have is the SBA end-of-semester party. i'm going, but i don't know who else is going. i'll still have a week to chill with most of my friends here, before i go to chicago a week from tomorrow. i still have work to do in the clinic, since i have a case going to trial on thursday.

this is a little unnerving.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


nostalgia alert!!!

this was my favourite schoolhouse rock video when i was a girl!

although, when i was eight, i didn't realise that it was probably very wrong to get off on your new math tricks.
i subscribe to an email list called "worthless word of the day." it's exactly what it sounds like...every day, they post a random pretty worthless word and its definition.

the words from the last two days have been really, really funny. i need to incorporate both of them into my routine speech:

hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia: fear of the number six-hundred and sixty-six

phallocratic: relating to masculine power and dominance

tell me these two words aren't really shiny.

and tell me that you don't want to walk up to someone and call them a hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic phallocrat. i think that's the best nonsensical jab i've learned since calling someone an itinerant noodle vendor.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

you get older and older...and still, you realise that nothing is more amusing than a silly old prank.

just saying.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i love marilyn milian. she's awesome.

and this...this makes me love her even more. i've never seen her so mad! it's hilarious!

i've seen her call people stupid, but i've never seen her kick anyone out of her courtroom before. it's...shiny.
behold! thou shalt listen to this wondrous blog's theme song:

"the crack song" by chris shepard!
i are now a 3L!!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
at 4:30 today, my 2L year will be officially finished.

good riddance.