Friday, March 02, 2007

we had the first round of ATLA regionals last night. we hit a team from the university of colorado, and we went plaintiff. my sutton went alright...i'm a dense moron who didn't read the judges very well until it was way too late in my direct, but hopefully it didn't kill the round for us. here's hoping...because i know i'm really good at killing rounds for any team i'm on. sigh. anyway, it was an alright round on a whole...although it got a little crazy 'cause they objected A LOT. our styles were so different, too. they were really laid-back and casual, whereas we were a lot more formal. wash u is always more formal than about any team we hit, though, so that's not surprising. who knows how it went...i've been around long enough to know that any predictions i make after rounds, but before seeing the ballots, are probably way off. :)

after the round was super shiny. two of my teammates and i went to morton's steakhouse for no other reason than "hey, why not? sounds good!" i love expense accounts, i love per diem. it doesn't cover ALL of the cost of the dinner last night, but it sure does cover most of it. and...the steak was so fantastically good. i'm still just about drooling, thinking of how good it was. we had fun conversation, a great dinner out...last night was so good. i feel so much happier and more relaxed after dinner last night than i have since i got up here to kansas city. i'm actually ready to face more practicing today, and ready to face the round tonight.

finally...fantastic pearls before swine comic today that i shall leave you with:

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