Tuesday, March 06, 2007

this is weird. it's tuesday night, and i'm not at trial team practice. i don't have anything planned for the rest of the night.

i should be grateful for the down time, because i'm extremely tired right now. or, i should be grateful for the down time because my apartment is so messy right now, and i could probably do some good cleaning tonight.

that cleaning is not going to get done tonight. i'm tired, and not really that motivated to clean.

it feels so weird to be at home like this, just sitting around, on a tuesday evening. sitting at home is so unnatural. i'm okay with not having school events that require serious brainpower...but, all i want to do is go out. bad idea, probably not gonna happen, but oh well.


lawschoolrules said...

Once in a great while, a Tuesday will come along, that is unlike any other Tuesday that has ever been, or ever will be again. And when that Tuesday comes along, it is best to just get drunk. That is my plan.

After all, I will never see another 3/6/07.

I have been up for almost 33 hours, can you tell?

nicolle said...

you sound as though you've either been up for thirty-three hours...or you're drunk already. :)

although, i'm not quite as cool as you. i am all of a sudden very sleepy, and am probably going to be sleeping by nine thirty tonight. have fun tonight!