Thursday, March 08, 2007

there are few feelings worse than really, really needing to listen to some mood music--and not finding the perfect song anywhere in the three thousand or more songs on my computer. that's really depressing.

my music collection is rife with music with really heavy emotional themes that take such themes very seriously...and is peppered with guilty pleasure stuff, really bubblegum stuff. what i don't seem to have, and what i'm desperate for this morning, is something that conveys being stressed out about things that could possibly have real repercussions, but not being so worried about it at the moment. that's my mood, and there's nothing i can listen to that fits that.

i think this is the first time when my music collection has been insufficiently stocked. i don't have the perfect warm, fuzzy blanket for myself, and it's making me feel worse.

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little miss risky said...

Agreed. Lack of appropriate soundtrack = miserable. Although for me, the newest Brand New album is pretty much on loop right now. The cd is going to be ripped to shreds within a week from all the play certain tracks are getting.