Saturday, March 24, 2007

  • it's too early on a saturday morning to be up, much less blogging/ranting/whatever this entry qualifies as.
  • two environmental moot court preliminary rounds? both on saturday? poor planning.
  • it will feel so good when these oral arguments are over. once they are, it's going to be such a low-key weekend.
  • barely legal is a week from today. i can't wait. it's going to be funny, and everyone at wash u law should come see us. :)
  • i've been listening to the ted stevens series of tubes speech way too much lately. it's addictive, and better than any intentional comedy.
  • state and main is a really, really funny movie. i can't believe i hadn't seen it before.
  • i was a good girl last night, for once. i kept my money in my pocket, stayed away from the auction, and did not bid on karaoke or anything else.
  • it's supposed to get to 82 degrees tomorrow? when did mother nature decide to bring the hot weather? this is sad. i'm still up for some snow.
  • i should put on my suit and go to school, so i don't miss my oral argument.

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