Thursday, March 01, 2007

i'm enjoying the last few minutes of calm before today's storm.

today is the first day of trial team regionals. the first round is at 5, but we'll be practicing all day. that starts at until then i stay firmly planted in the hotel lobby: sipping my coffee, eating my breakfast, surfing the internet, and being a little perturbed that they have classical music blaring in the lounge, because i could really go for some linkin park or some inept right now.

i'm finally starting to feel okay about the witnesses i'm playing. it was just tuesday night when i finally felt like i knew what i was talking about as my defense witness. i've been pretty comfortable with my plaintiff witness for a while, since i've been spending so much time working on that one, but that direct was so recently changed so drastically that i'm starting to have doubts about it again. those need to evaporate by this afternoon.

other than that, there's not a ton going on. i'm so glad to be in kansas city, though. i need a few days away from st. louis, away from law school. even though trial team is so busy, even though i'm really, really frazzled here, a change of scenery always helps me recharge my batteries. i think i'll be a saner nicky when i return, no matter how the trial tournament shakes out.

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nikki the red said...

i hope you had fun!