Saturday, February 24, 2007

you're all familiar with the scapegoat, right?

i think i've found a way to make law school stop being like high school.

the entire student body gets together in the lounge. we bring a llama into the lounge. one by one, each student walks by the llama, touches its head, and tells the llama what sorts of juvenile, asinine law student drama is really driving them crazy. after everyone has done so, the llama is taken away and left to wander in the wilderness for the rest of its days, never to come near the law school again. then, we can live happily ever after, free from all of the drama that has been imparted to the llama and thus exiled. law school will not be like high school anymore.

if it works with scapegoats, it should work with drama llamas, right?


Silly Little Law Student said...

That is priceless.... and would be so wonderful if it actually works.

Mad Jurist said...

That reminds me -- anybody see Azazel lately? He seems to be the key to this sort of thing.