Monday, February 05, 2007

yesterday, i got a gorgeous light turquoise dress for barrister's. it's's strapless, it's elegant, but not too plain. i'm psyched about it.

today, since i didn't have one, i bought a white, lacy corset to go under the barrister's dress.

yes, i know, it's kind of silly--why am i flipping out and spending all this money on hot clothes for barrister's if i don't have a date?

because it's fun. because formal events are the one girlie pleasure that i indulge. barrister's only comes once a year, and it's the one day that i allow myself to give a shit about how i look. i don't do that any other time of year--frankly, i don't care how i look. i know i'm not an attractive human being; i never have been. i'm okay with that, and i act accordingly.

but, when barrister's rolls around, it's fun to pretend.

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