Saturday, February 10, 2007

what's the greatest thing ever?

that's right, the corset i ordered to wear with my barrister's dress. i was a little wary 'cause i had to order it online. i had no choice, i couldn't find one in the stores that worked, but i don't like buying stuff like that until i have a shot to try it on.

i had no reason to worry, and if only i didn't have that sore throat/laryngitis/whatever has taken my voice away today, i would be squeefully running around my apartment. my corset makes my chest look even, and pretty, and makes my boobs stay in the right place. yes, i know. things like "making your chest looking even" and "making your boobs staying in the right place" are things that one should usually demand from a bra. that's what a bra is supposed to do. but, finding one that does that if your boobs are any bigger than about a D or DD is almost impossible.

all i know now is that i wish i had a couple hundred dollars so i could go back online and buy a bunch more of those things in all different colours. it's strapless, but it provides so much better support than even most of the stuff with straps that i own. we're talking industrial-strength wires and boning in that thing. think along the lines of the inner steel structuring that makes buildings like the sears tower and the hancock tower not fall over. the history channel should have a new special: modern marvels--nicolle's new corset.

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