Friday, February 09, 2007

warning: blatant pimping ahead--blatant pimping of something that deserves to be blatantly pimped.

i can't believe i've never found the blank top chronicles before. this blog is absolutely hysterical. it's written by an extremely sarcastic cab dispatcher in arlington, virginia. it consists of conversations that he has with some extremely stupid customers.

do not read this blog in class, or anywhere else where it may be uncouth to fall on the floor, in stitches. because, i promise, you will fall on the floor in stitches when you read this. for example, here's an excerpt from the most recent entry, about a dumbass in texas who called this cab company in virginia:

ME: Blank Top, your phone number please?
GUY: Yes I have been waiting almost half an hour and nobody is coming.
ME: You're at ------- Hall?
GUY: Yes, how much longer?
ME: Hard to say, probably like ten o'clock tomorrow night if the driver doesn't stop to sleep.
GUY: Pardon me? ten o'clock tomorrow night?
ME: Well yeah. I told you three times we're an Arlington Virginia taxi. It takes a while to get from Virginia to Texas. If you wanted it sooner you should have called a company in Arlington Texas.

and, it only gets better from there...that's why the blog deserves to be blatantly pimped. i hereby give brian, the guy who writes the blank top chronicles, the inaugural Persecuted Crack Smoker Award for Hilariously Mocking Stupid People.

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Mad Jurist said...

You're right, that's pretty awesome.