Saturday, February 03, 2007

this product makes me want to smoke crack, jump off a bridge, or do something equally self-destructive.

You know it. With the lights out, it’s less dangerous. These lullaby renditions of Nirvana’s best-loved songs turn the volume way down, while turning up the dreaminess of their pop hooks. In many ways, this album echoes the simple pleasures and innocence of infancy and childhood. Childish tra-la-la’s tempered the distortion of Nirvana’s own songs. Chimes, glockenspiels and other gentle instruments temper Nirvana’s wild spirit for your little one. “Smells Like Teen Spirit?” Smells like nap time.

gentle instruments? in nirvana? i think it's about time for dave grohl, krist novoselic, and the ghost of kurt cobain to open a can of whoop-ass on whoever is behind baby rock records.

come on, guys. if you're going to play nirvana for your kids, play nirvana for your kids. the real nirvana. with guitars--not glockenspiels.

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