Friday, February 23, 2007

this evening, right after dinner, the weirdest thing in which i've been involved in a very long time transpired. i was out at avanti, this little restaurant off the loop down melville, getting dinner after trial class and before karaoke. i was up at the register, settling my tab with the manager. as he's taking my payment for my meal, a guy in jeans, a t-shirt, and a sideways hat walks into the restaurant.

manager: what are you doing here? you're supposed to be here at 12! it's 9!
guy: ::shrugs::
manager: what are you doing here? it's 9 o'clock!

manager turns to me

manager: you judge him!
me: what?
manager: you judge him! what do you think about someone who's supposed to show up at 12, and he's here at nine?
me: twelve at night? he's three hours early?
manager: no! twelve in the morning!
me: tomorrow?
manager: today! he was supposed to be here at 12 today! he's here at 9! he's nine hours late!

manager turns back to guy

manager: you were nine hours late! i'll have her judge you.
me: what do you mean, judge?
manager: should i fire him? if you were the manager, would you fire him for being nine hours late?
me: is it the first time he's been late like that without telling you?
manager: no! he's done it a hundred times!
guy: well, not a hundred.
me: if i were the manager, and i had someone who repeatedly came in late without telling me, i guess i would fire him.
manager: that's it, then. you're fired. get out of here.

holy awkwardness, batman. i think i got some dude fired today. i'm still taken aback that he put me on the spot like that.

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