Thursday, February 08, 2007

there's nothing i can say about this little bit of misogyny that The Foof hasn't said better already.

but, it suffices to say that i love vagina. i love my vagina. i love the word vagina.

and i don't want anyone calling that part of my body a hoohaa instead.

"the hoohaa monologues"? i wish i was kidding. some parent got pissed off that a theatre was showing the vagina monologues, and advertising it on the marquee as such. they decided that children often call the vagina a "hoohaa"--and that it would be better for the children if they put "the hoohaa monologues" on the marquee.

isn't the whole point of the vagina monologues to bring the vagina into the public consciousness? to bring people face to face with women, women's bodies, and women's sexuality? to make the word "vagina" less taboo? that's what i always thought.

yes, i understand it's a comedy theatre, by trade. but, they didn't even consult with the director of the play. a suggestion was made by some stupid parent who thought that the word "vagina" would corrupt her kid. some guy who worked for the theatre decided that "hoohaa" would be less offensive.

if the play were a comedy, or being presented as such, it wouldn't be so bad. but, it's not. it's being run to raise awareness of women's issues, and to raise money for charity. it's not about my hoohaa, or anyone's purported hoohaa.

it's about the vagina.

which is a completely different thing.

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