Wednesday, February 21, 2007

moot court sucks, i'm nowhere near where i need to be on it, and as a result, i'm not sleeping tonight. i was going to get work done on it yesterday, but i had trial team until after 11pm. i just crashed after that.

but, in better news...i tried out for barely legal (the law school show/musical) yesterday! i hope i make it...that would be so much fun to sing and act. it would be such a great outlet, compared to ::shudder:: law school. i think i did pretty well, and i think i surprised the judges because none of them knew i could sing. :) i guess we'll see how it went when they post the cast list, right?

two days until that moot court brief is out of my hair. thank goodness.
three days until barrister's, when i get to wear my shiny dress, drink a lot of cocktails, and watch the drama unfold! yay!

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