Tuesday, February 06, 2007

lately, i've been getting into scambaiting. it's basically the fine art of wasting as much of those email scammers' time as possible by sending hoax emails from fake people back to them, and stringing them along. i'm not very good at it yet...i'm just in the early phases of my first bait, and i'm not doing anything funny with it. i'm doing a straightforward bait, just kinda playing dumb and naive, "i'm soooooo sorry he died in the plane crash and i'll do anything i can to help get the money out!"

some people, some of the experienced scambaiters, or the just plain funny people, do things that are awesome, things i aspire to as a rookie scambaiter. one of the things that a lot of baiters try to do is get trophies from their baits. usually these come in the forms of pictures--photos of the scammers holding up signs that say really silly things on them. although, sometimes it gets better. i think shiver metimbers, one of the baiters on 419eater.com, just set the gold standard of scambaiting trophies.

he got the scammers to make a video.

of themselves.

acting out the dead parrot sketch.

from monty python.

that makes me so happy. it's just absurd. it's...419 scammers! doing the dead parrot sketch! with a fake dead duck! it's just inspired.

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Anonymous said...

Scambaiting is becomming popular because unfortunately 419 scams and scammers are still going strong.

Luckily there is a group of people out there on the internet putting a damper on their scams!

Check out http://theScamBaiter.com

These guys get even with these crooks, and sometimes even get them arrested even though they are in Nigeria.

They are also avidly fighting eBay scammers as well, a terrific group there.

FOX Television interviewed them some time back, the video is on youtube:


Last year at one time they got a group of scammers arrested; I think the count was around 50 or so.

There is a lot of funny stuff there too, you have to see what they make these scammers do to get "paid", check out their "mugu museum"


419eater is good, and a great start, but I definilty suggest theScamBaiter

Johhny D