Sunday, February 04, 2007

last night, i was going to be good. i was going to stay in, either do some work or just lay low, go to bed early...all those things i never do, since i'm either busy doing work, or i'm busy painting the town red to the extent that a law student can. (well, to the extent that a law student who is not Charla can. 'cause, really, Charla is better at painting the town red than anyone i know, law student or not.)

but then Matt, a friend from karaoke, calls me up. he'd been trying to get me and Hilary to come out to overland for some karaoke for a while. so, instead of staying in, i called Hilary, and we went and met up with Matt for some karaoke out there.

it was interesting. we went out to this bar called chazzez place, out on lackland. we got lost on the way there, because somewhere just west of where the bar is supposed to be, lackland turns into...well, Not Lackland. but, we finally got there. i sang one of my standards ("my heart will go on") and one piece of early-nineties kitsch that i butchered, but in the most amusing possible way ("whoomp! there it is").1

the craziest thing, by far, that happened was...the barfight. well, two barfights. we're sitting at the table, minding our own business, and listening to two people on the stage sing "lights" by journey. all of a sudden, i hear what sounds like a table falling over. sure enough, i turn back, and there's a full-blown bar brawl. some people were on the floor, punching each other's lights out, while a bunch of people were crowded around them, watching. it goes on for a few minutes, until some of the bar patrons break it up, and it looks to be pretty much over except for the guy that's still lying on the floor, knocked out.

we turn back to the table, and talk about what we had just seen. i note how i'm not really fazed by barfights. Hilary responds that they're not a huge deal, as long as they're not happening right by her.

and just as she says that, two more fighting patrons come whizzing behind mine and Hilary's chairs, and another barfight breaks out right behind where we're sitting. none of us got hit, but it goes on for a little while. the punching stops, and we see a waitress yelling at a patron three times her size, trying to kick him out, as he refuses, saying that he's not causing any trouble.

the cops soon take control of the scene--they came rather fast, since there's an overland police station just down lackland from the bar. the police try and figure out who was involved in the fights, and most of the people who were involved try to leave the premises as quickly as possible, to avoid retribution from the police. an ambulance comes, the paramedics come into the bar, and they take care of the guy on the floor who is still knocked out, and not moving, from the first barfight.

finally, the paramedics leave. the police leave. the people involved in the fight are gone. karaoke resumes, and the karaoke man allows the people who were singing "lights" to take the stage again. this time, they finish their song without interruption.

1 proving once and for all that big old nerdy white chicks can't rap.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the Journey fans should have taken note of your early-90s approach and picked something appropriate, like Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J.