Monday, February 19, 2007

if you want five questions...comment with the words "interview me", and then post in your blog the answers to the questions i ask you. :)

this is my interview from lykaios.

1. Worst thing you've ever done?

quitting piano lessons when i was nine years old. it's the only thing i have done that i truly regret. i can barely plunk out a melody with one hand on the piano...and i just know that if i had kept up with taking lessons, i could be a pretty decent pianist. i just didn't have the strength to keep on taking the lessons when i was that young, and now that i'm old enough to care so much, i don't have the time to take them.

maybe when i'm older.

2. Best thing you've ever done?

attending college at the university of chicago. it was a great place for me...i met so many people that i got along so well with, who are still my closest friends in the world, and i learned so much about myself along the way. i also moved to a city that i fell in love with, a city that, once i'm done with law school, i'm returning to and spending the rest of my life in.

3. What animal would you get if you could have any animal as a pet without anything bad happening and it would be perfectly legal?

a gentoo penguin. i am so obsessed with penguins...i think they are the cutest animals ever, and the gentoo are my favourite because they are so silly.

really, i'd prefer to have multiple gentoo penguins, because the reason that they are my favourite kind of penguins is their group behaviour. when one of them gets amused by waddles toward it and makes noises, and then the rest of the gentoo do the same. then it decides there's nothing all that amusing...until another gentoo finds something funny.

4. Weirdest Dream?

this is a toughie, since i don't remember a whole lot of my dreams.

the weirdest one i've had recently was really only a snippet...but the snippet was weird enough. it involved finding an article in a magazine about one of the public defenders that i work with being a music reporter for MTV before going to law school and working for the public defender. it was weird because it didn't make any sense.

5. TV show you watch or used to watch that may be embarrassing?

i am a bad reality show junkie. the bottom of that barrel has got to be the Flavor of's like the Bachelor, but with Flavor Flav as the bachelor. it's such trash, and i loved it. i have seen every episode of both seasons of it, and as soon as i have some money, i am buying the DVDs. the show is nothing short of rampant stupidity. it's fantastic...trash television at its most inane.

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