Saturday, February 17, 2007

i should be going to bed.

it's four thirty in the morning. this afternoon, my friend got the bright idea of going out for some late-night skiing at hidden valley, this ski place out in eureka (about a forty minute drive southwest of st. louis). despite the fact that i've got trial team at 9am tomorrow, i took him up on it--i had never been skiing before, and it's something i had always wanted to do. it ended up being me, him, and another law student going--which was awesome, the other student who went with us was really fun. i didn't even know her until today, and neither did the friend of mine who suggested the ski trip, but it was really shiny.

i was doing alright on the bunny hills. i could do the bunny hill, and the other not-so-steep hill, without falling. my calves and ankles were starting to get sore, but even turning was getting to be fairly natural-feeling.

then, after a short break, the mastermind of this whole expedition (and someone who has done a TON of skiing) gets the bright idea that we should try one of the real hills. we were going to do one of the easier ones, but since it was the last run of the night, they were closing the hills down--and only let the three of us down one of the harder trails. it wasn't the hardest one there, but it started with a VERY steep slope.

i failed miserably. i started skiing down, trying to wedge and keep myself going as slowly as no avail. i picked up speed until i lost control and fell--hitting my head extremely hard against the snow. i was down for a while, stunned, absolutely petrified of the steep slope, figuring out what in the world i was going to do to get off that hill--it was two forty five in the morning, and the ski place closed at three. i got up, walked down the rest of the really steep part, and then tried to ski down a less steep part of the hill. that worked okay when it was almost flat, and then when it got steeper again...i flew out of control and fell over, again. at least this time i did not hit my head.

that time i decided to walk down the rest of the hill, but i couldn't really get up. neither of my skis had come loose from the bindings in that fall. my hat had flown ten feet up the hill from me, one pole had flown twenty feet uphill from me, and my other pole had flown twenty feet downhill from me. i was stuck.

finally, with a little help from both my friend who can ski, as well as the ski patrol, i got my hat and poles back. i got up, attempted to find a way to get down along with my friend who could ski...but that wasn't working out so well; our skis kept getting tangled. finally i took off my skis, walked down the last part of the harsher slope, and then skied the gentle bottom slope to the lodge to return my skis.

that hill was hard, but i'm glad i tried it. the bunny hills were getting pretty easy, so i needed to try something more interesting. interesting means i'm now covered in bruises, and am going to be even more sore than i was originally going to be...but that was fun. i want to go skiing again.

but right now, it's time for bed. i have to be up in...less than four hours. squee.

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