Sunday, February 11, 2007

i can't talk, still.

this is bad. i can't do anything. i can't chat with my friends. i can't do trial. i can't meet about moot court, since that involves discussing the issues--anything that i don't need a voice for, i can do alone on westlaw. i can't practice the music i need to practice for my voice lessons.

NTC regionals are this week, and i need to talk through directs, crosses, closings. how am i supposed to do that without a voice?

monday's a holiday, and the public defender is not open--but what about tuesday? tuesday, i'll have to do jail interviews--lots of them. how am i supposed to talk to my clients if i can't, well, talk?

i had come to take the fact that i could talk for granted. talking is my life. everything i do involves talking, and lots of it.

and now it's been snatched away from me.

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