Saturday, February 17, 2007

dear everyone i know,

next time i ever even skirt the idea of doing a moot court activity, your job is to beat me upside the head with a clue stick. the clue stick can be any large, heavy object suitable for whacking me upside the head. this includes, but is not limited to, a baseball bat, a lead pipe, a tyre iron, a blackjack, or a thick tree branch with the words "no, you idiot!" etched in mirror image on the exact part of the stick that would come into contact with my forehead.

signing up for environmental moot court was a bad idea. i can't bring myself to care enough about fictitious villages in canada in which fictitious citizens are losing their fictitious livelihoods due to fictitious greenhouse gas emissions that may have emanated from fictitious power plants in a fictitious american state.

if i'm going to do a fake case, it had better at least include some blood and guts--and had better not skirt the issue of standing. this is why mock trial is far superior to moot court.

in eternal frustration,
the persecuted crack smoker


Anonymous said...

Right...because mock trial is so much like the real thing and not fictitious at all...

nicolle said...
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nicolle said...

i'm not saying mock trial is better because it isn't fictitious.

i'm saying mock trial is better because at least i'm doing public speaking about this fictitious stuff, instead of writing a brief. public speaking is inherently fun. researching and writing a brief is inherently...enough to make me want to shoot myself.