Thursday, January 18, 2007

yikes. i have to be at work in six hours, and i haven't gotten to bed yet.

but, i'm awake. i'm still grumbling. i didn't advance at novak's idol tonight...really, i think i was one of the best ten singers out of the fifteen that sang tonight. many people had hugiferous groups of people they knew, or it was their normal karaoke joint. me...i met some people there, but didn't bring a ton of people with me. i met some really fun people, and had a blast singing...and the judges seemed to like me. but...i was one of the bottom five votegetters, so no more for me.

i'm less disappointed than i thought i'd be, but i'm still a bit disappointed. i sang well tonight, darn it...and i don't mean "sang well" in the sense of overconfident people that actually suck. i mean "sang well" eternally self-questioning sense.

oh well. i'll come back next year, and outsing them all.

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