Wednesday, January 31, 2007

well, CJA got cancelled this morning.

that's a little sad, because it's my favourite class. (well, it's my favourite except for my clinic, but that feels less like a class and more like the most awesome job in the world.) but, it gives me a little time this morning before i go into clinic to actually sit around in the law school lounge and see people. i like that.

this semester, i spend almost no time at the law school when lots of other people are there. i spend a lot of time at school--but generally it's just nights and weekends, for night classes and trial team. this is as opposed to last semester--when i was at school a lot. i was almost never doing work at school, but i'd always just stake out one of the tables in the lounge and just surf the internet or talk to my friends. i miss that.

back to trying to finish the barely legal skit i started over winter break. i was going to just abandon it, but they're due today, and i decided that i had nothing to lose by trying to finish it and seeing if it gets picked. it probably sucks, because i'm not very funny and i've never really written a "play" or a "parody song" before, but it's worth a shot.

whether or not it gets picked, i'm going to audition to act in barely legal. that's what i really want to do. what can i say? i'm kind of a spotlight whore.

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