Monday, January 15, 2007

this is my last sleep-in morning for at least a month and a half.

it's so weird getting king day off, since i never got king day off in college. in college, the only day we got off winter quarter was suicide prevention day--monday of sixth week, halfway through the quarter.

i'm glad we get the day off, even though i didn't sleep in as late as i had hoped to. i was up by nine. this was weird, because i didn't go to bed until about a quarter to four last night. i wasn't out until then...i was only out until about two. i didn't even intend to be out as late as i was, but it happened that way, as things often do when i don't have anything scheduled the next day. i spent most of the evening at the delmar lounge, and then ended up at nick's pub, a bar out on manchester that i had never been to before. it was a good little place, although i'd love to go sometime when it's a little less crowded and we can actually do things like pool and darts. i did get to play a little bit of lethal enforcers, though...i hadn't played that game in years. it's so early nineties. it's a great game.

anyway, i got home around two, and instead of being a reasonable human being and going straight to sleep, i decided to be stupid and go on the internet for almost two hours. i guess it's not that much of a big deal, right? i can nap this afternoon. i can go to bed early if i'm tired. i have a little shopping that i have to do today, but that's about it.

but, today's the last day i get to enjoy this strange "sleeping in" thing. it's the last day for a long time that i'll be able to do what i'm doing now--laze around at home past eight or nine in the morning. sleeping in? i'll miss you. you're always so good to me.

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