Saturday, January 06, 2007

sigh. it looks like i won't be able to see finger eleven this month when they come to st. louis. that makes me sad.

they're touring with hinder right now. the fact that they're touring with hinder confuses and bothers me, since hinder is absolutely terrible.1 but, oh well. bad bands tour with good ones every so often, bad bands even headline over good bands every so's a concertgoing hazard.

but, the show is sold out. that made me grumble a lot. so, i went on ebay to see if there were any tickets being sold. there are, there are several pairs of tickets. and, they're all almost a hundred dollars for the pairs.

now, i'm in a dilemma. i really want a pair of tickets to that show, so i can go and see finger eleven. i haven't seen finger eleven live since 2003, when they were on tour with cold.2 that's a really long time ago. but, since they're opening, it means they're probably going to get twenty, possibly thirty minutes to play, and no more. i'm wondering if i should go ahead and pay nigh on a hundred bucks for twenty or thirty minutes of bliss, or if i should grudgingly save my money. i know i should be good and save my money, but i feel terrible missing the only one of my two favourite bands who is still together, especially when they play many of their shows in canada and not the states.

1 have you ever heard that "lips of an angel" song? four minutes of one cliche after another about having an affair? yep, that song. i'd say it's the worst song of last year, but "animal" by nickelback also came out last year, and "animal" handily beat out "around the world" by daft punk for the worst song ever written. by definition, then, it's the worst song of 2006. "lips of an angel" is, however, a strong second.
2 yes, that's my two favourite bands in the world, touring together. yes, it was the best night of music i've experienced in my entire two favourite bands, playing my favourite venue ever--the metro, in chicago.

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