Monday, January 15, 2007

people put some stupid stuff on wikipedia, but this one had me cackling due to its sheer absurdity. in the article about everyone's favourite Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Incompetent American Idol Singer, ace young, there's the following sentence:

"Young frequently uses the Internet and says he is "always using the search engines- Google or Yahoo!" and also iTunes."

i'm glad google has ace young's imprimatur. it's legit now, baby!

but, seriously. i want to find who cared enough about that fact to add it to the article. i want to find them, and tell them that they are stupid.


Anonymous said...

nicolle said...

hahaha...awesome!!!! thanks!

i see user-granted awards...i wonder if i can go create an award for him, "stupidest fact ever," or something along those lines. :D it's not as good as finding him and telling him he's stupid...although i should do that too when i have free time.