Monday, January 08, 2007

on one hand, it will be useful for people to get to old orchard mall more easily.

but...this will deskokieswiftify the skokie swift! the entire fun of riding the skokie swift is sitting on the train, looking at the yellow line map that consists entirely of a line between howard and skokie, laughing hysterically, and freaking out all the people on the train! a train with three stops will not be nearly as funny as a train with only two!

if this goes through, it will make me sad.


Anonymous said...

I think it's already too late. They're already building a third station. The Old Orchard station would be a fourth.

That said, I've never ridden the Swift, never experienced the hilarity. Alas.


nicolle said...

eric! ride the swift before the third station is finished and added to the route! it's so funny...i love it, i've only ridden it a few times, but all of them have been to enjoy the absurdity of the two-stop line. it's so much fun...immature, yes, but a lot of fun.