Sunday, January 28, 2007

hello, dear readers. it's the persecuted crack smoker with another installment of "useless information."

today, we have a gem from wikipedia. i was looking up the happy fun ball. at the bottom, after the article, there was a box listing what category directories the article appears in.

there is actually a category on wikipedia called fictional balls.

granted, there are some nice balls on that list. it references balls like super monkey ball, wilson the volleyball, and katamari damacy. those are some pretty nice balls, if ever i saw any.

but, still. a wikipedia category for fictional balls? what about great balls of fire? what about ac/dc's dirty big balls? jordy kohn's dog balls? there are so many more amazing balls that could be honoured on wikipedia's list of fictional balls.

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normin said...

thanks for your post. wikipedia hates dogballs btw. I posted an article there and got voted off by the editors.

eventually giving up...i turned to for the 'official entry' of dogballs.