Monday, January 15, 2007

from The Best Fark Thread Ever, regarding the funniest stuff people have ever heard on dates:

Like one day, we were getting into to telling these really bad jokes, like...

"Hey, ask me if I'm a tree."
"Are you a tree?"

And we were sober, but finding them totally hysterical. So, mid-coitus, she's er.. umm, you know, on her knees bent over, and I had this sandwich in my hand (don't ask... it was dinner time) and so, I put the sandwich down on her back, and kept going...

So she says,
"Hey, ask me if I'm a table?"
"Are you a table?"
"No! Now get that farking sandwich off my back"

I laughed myself flaccid.

really, the guy gets a cookie. the girl gets two cookies. and, frankly, i think i'd do either of them, sight unseen, just for being awesome.

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