Tuesday, December 12, 2006

two finals down, one to go.

i think the best way to describe me this finals week is just plain numb. i got really bitchy last week, but i'm not even bitchy anymore. i'm just numb...i'm doing whatever studying that my inner impulses tell me to do, and i'm otherwise just coasting, almost like i'm waiting for it to be over.

my evidence final today? i've never treated a law school final so much like an undergrad final as i did that one. i studied so little for it...yesterday was definitely more about the study breaks than it was about the studying. i did some studying in the afternoon and the early evening. but, then, i played some puzzle pirates. and then i went out for "a beer" as a study break...which, of course, ended up meaning going to three different bars and eventually closing out 609. i was a good girl, though...i said i'd go home at 1am, and i went home at 1am. granted, i stayed up playing around on the internet until 3am...but i was home, right?

i feel better about evidence than i did about antitrust, though...antitrust just plain killed me yesterday, despite the fact that i studied my brains out for it. (that's how i justify going out drinking last night. i was letting off steam after that antitrust final completely had its way with me.) evidence...i knew going in that my grade on it would be the result of a die roll. coming out, i'm just as convinced.

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