Friday, December 08, 2006

sometimes metaquotes is a wee bit amusing.

sometimes it's very funny.

and, sometimes, it's so inspired that i want to run squeefully around the neighbourhood:

God: Bored, bored, bored. I know! *invents instant messenging*
Angels: *pop into existence* wtf?
God: Hi!
Angels: omg
God: Yup, it's me, YHWH. How are you gentlemen?
Angels: ok, u?
God: I was bored.
Angels: O rly
God: Yes. So I invented you to keep me amusedcompany.
Angels: thx
God: np. Want to be my instant messenger service?
Angels: ok
God: Great! I shall call you....YaHooWaHooMessengers.
Angels: lolz
Lucifer: that sxrz, my ideas sooo much betters! AOL rxrz!!!111
God: nope. pwned.
Lucifer: j/k?? no? A...Oh Hell. g2g *falls*
God: *shrugs* Anyway, I created some people to talk to. *adds to flist*. Wanna go check them out?
Angels: ok, bbl

Eve: ooh pritty
CrawleySnake: u should eat it, IMHO
Eve: ok *eats* yo adam, u should ttly get an apple, theyre sooo much better
God: wtf NO. ur booted
Adam&Eve: plz?
God: NO. Kthxbai.
Adam&Eve: :°( godmodder!!
Snake: lmfao. mod pwned u.
God: no legs for u.
Snake: roflmlo?
Adam&Eve: pwnd.

Humans: omg
Angels: a/s/l?

Ppl: omg OTP!!!11oneone
otherppl: no mines BETTER!!!
Sodom&gomorrah: Fandom!wank.
God: OMG STFU SHIPPERS. *fire&brimstone*
Lot: pwned. my OTP FTW.

*The H.M.S. Noah's Ark*
Noah: omfg. effing plot bunnies keep multiplying!
Noah's wife: u do no this makes u the Ultimate Shipper?
Noah: *headdesk*

*the Book of Job (i.e. One Long Emo Poem)*
Job: ^____^
Satan: *flames*
Job: =( wangst.
God: ya he is a loser...*pwns*
Job: My cattle o noes.
Satan: ahahaaa...
Job: My kids o woes.
Satan: lmgdfao
Job: My health....! *o emo*
Satan: Ha...oh damn u got it all back.
Job: pwnd.

Jesus: WWJD?
Pilate: stfu n00b.
Jesus: tgif.
God: srsly. wtf.
Jesus: <3?
Pilate: *kills j00 ded*
Jesus: brb

Jesus: back!
Disciples: wb!
Thomas: sockpuppet!
Jesus: no rly....O well, ttfn

John: crack.
world: from coke?
God: Destroy the world!
Angels: but I am le tired....
God: pwnd.

i want to find this person who aim-ified the bible, give them a cookie, and buy them a beer for giving me the best laugh i've had in a while.

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