Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i know i've done this one a few times...but not in the last couple of months, and i really can't make myself concentrate on tax anymore. i promise, this one's way easier than the ones i usually do...i promise that every act i'm quoting is, or was, at least a signed act. :) you all know the drill...i'm going to post some song quotes, and it's up to you to tell me the song title and who performed it. no googling, reading guesses that have already been posted in my comments, or otherwise cheating. most right...i'll buy you a beer (or something else, if you're not a beer person) next time i see you.

deadline for answering to be eligible for the Frosty Cold One: monday, december 18, at 5pm. happy guessing! :)

1. "bruises on your face...i guess you fell down the steps's such a shame...that you let let it happen over and over again"

2. "do you feel like a man...when you push her you feel better she falls to the ground..."

3. "when you hide...hide inside that body...but just remember that...the more you shake...the more you give away"

4. "if you don't expect too much from might not be let down"

5. "if i were someone else would this all fall apart?"

6. "fine! you're so smart? you rig up these lights!!!"

7. "ten years older...and i've finally found my pride...this old man comes rolling home to die...old feelings make it hard to decide...just what it means to me"

8. "salvation lies behind those dead eyes that watch you while you sleep every night"

9. "i never really know why i ever stayed...but a dog don't think about the price he pays" (i think i owe a beer to anyone who can get this one without cheating, regardless of anything else you may get right or wrong.)

10. "i don't believe in i can't be changed...all alone as i've learned to this mess i have made"

11. "one day i went to a cliff that overlooks the water...i jumped in to save a was somebody's daughter"

12. "i lie but that's's only to one else"

13. "take me apart...suck my blood until you stop my encumber my progression...and then you save me"

14. "angel don't you have some bagels in my oven...lady don't you know a man when you see one...crazy lady now with the shiny shoes where are you...kick your feet and calm the space that makes you hollow"

15. "i went to a party last saturday know i think i got laid and i got in a fight...i don't remember that much but i think i liked it"

16. "i'm just holding on to let them know what's given to me"

17. "it seems i've gained the world but i have keep tabs upon this loss isn't wasted time"

18. "what about when buildings fall...what about that midnight phone call...the one that wakes you from your peace"

19. "sex reminds her of eating spaghetti"

20. "get your balls off me! get the fuck away from me!"

okay, back to my regularly scheduled Studying For Tax.

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