Sunday, December 10, 2006

i can't believe we got through all the slides yesterday. it was a herculean effort, involving the patronage of three fine eating/drinking/loitering establishments in saint louis--the bread co in the central west end, the coffee cartel, and the courtesy diner1, but we did it! megan and i got through all of the antitrust class notes slides! i have some studying still to do...i'll probably flip through my class notes, and outline answers to the sample final exam that the professor sent out. but, i feel like i have a far better understanding of antitrust law than i did less than twenty-four hours ago. i'm freaking out less about this final, since i've had the chance to read through everything and to hash out the differences between american antitrust law and european competition law.

and, megan got the best idea ever for what we're doing after finals, on friday night. screw the end-of-semester party. the end-of-semester party last spring was absolutely awful, and the halloween party was even worse. we are going to go buy pirate hats, go to tropicana, and go bowling in our pirate hats. we'll probably have to drink beer instead of rum, because it's the tropicana, but it will be the greatest thing ever. we'll have beer, bowling...and pirate hats! pirate hats make everything better.

but, until then, i have three more finals to take. or, who am i kidding...three more? i have three finals to take, since i haven't taken any of them yet. i'm taking antitrust tomorrow morning, i'm taking evidence tuesday afternoon, and i'm taking estate and gift tax thursday morning. i'm looking so forward to finals week being over. i'm looking forward to having my life back. i'm looking forward to having my sanity back. i'm looking forward to not being a complete insane bitch.

1 how have i lived in st. louis for almost a year and a half without ever having gone there? it has the best breakfast food that i've eaten in a very long time, it's an honest-to-God twenty-four hour diner, and it's so close to where i live! if you're in st. louis, you would do yourself a favour to run, don't walk, and eat at the courtesy diner. even something as simple as scrambled eggs was just to die for...and it was super-cheap to boot!

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